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Using the Gallery Software

Downloading the Software

Downloading our various software clients is easy and won't take too long, even at a slower connection. You can find more information at our software page where you can select the appropriate upload client for your platform.

Our software clients are only one way of ordering photographic quality prints from our Gallery' labs. You can also use our online photo album and shopping cart system, which works for most every platform.

Upload the Right Software for Your Operating System
Gallery software options

Platforms Supported

Currently, we are aware that Gallery software clients work on machines in PC Format. This means Windows 95/NT/ 98/2000or a Macintosh running a OS emulator such as Virtual PC. (See the Virtual PC Directory Creation Screen Shots Here) Additionally, Linux users can use our upload and ordering system if they are running Netscape.

CD-Zip Help

Our CD-Zip software is designed to help with large volume orders (a plethora of high-resolution images) which will allow you to avoid the long upload times it can take otherwise. Our software is designed to run on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and can also be used on a Macintosh running an emulator.

Please read the following instructions, then download the .EXE file to the right of this section. -

  1. Create a temporary directory.
  2. Copy all the images you'd like to make prints of to that temporary directory.
  3. Certain characters in filenames cannot be sent over the Internet, so you'll need to rename those copied files to remove the following characters: %,', and &.
  4. Run CDZOT to generate your order page, and follow the instructions given to complete your order over the web.
  5. If you're going to send your images to Gallery via CD, burn all the contents of the directory onto a CD in PC Format.
  6. If plan to use a ZIP disk, copy all the contents of the directory onto the ZIP disk in PC Format.

NOTE: There will be an .HTM file in the directory which MUST be burned onto the CD-ROM or copied to the ZIP Disk. This is is our way of identifying your order when we receive your CD-ROM or ZIP disk. Please do not alter this in anyway or your order may not process correctly.

If you are a Macintosh Virtual PC user, you can get instructions here.

Download CD-Zip Software
Get the Gallery CDZIP software!
(3.0 MB, approx. 7 min. at 56K)


Client: A client is merely a software program which runs locally on your computer that enables you to connect to a remote server. In our case, the Gallery upload software on your computer can "talk" directly with our server while you are processing an order. The benefits to using this product is that it enables you to complete your entire order offline, and then process it all at once online. [top]

Downloading: Downloading refers to retrieving files from another computer and saving them on your local machine.[top]

OS Emulator: An Operating System Emulator is a piece of software which allows one OS, such as Macintosh, to run Windows based programs. You can run one of many OS Emulators, such as on a Macintosh, and then run anything that a Windows based computer can run, as well as Macintosh software too. [top]

Photo Album: Photo Albums are a safe and convenient way to share photos with family and friends across the internet. A Customer account is needed to log in to your album and upload and share images, and to order prints and products from it. If you haven't done so, you can create an album today! [top]

Platform: A platform is what Operating System you are using, such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux or Unix.[top]

Shopping Cart:The Gallery shopping cart system is filled with features to help you select multiple products from your images while still allowing you to modify each image individually or even split up your order to be shipped to multiple addresses. [top]

Uploading: Uploading refers to sending files from your computer to another computer.[top]

Virtual PC: Virtual PC is a brand-name Windows OS Emulator created for use on a Macintosh Computer. You can learn more about them at their website: .[top]

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