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4 "Just got my first set of prints back - WOW! First of all, they were here in only 2 days. Second, the print quality and color trueness are nothing short of spectacular."

5 "I received my first two orders from you this week, and I'm totally delighted with the color reproduction, image quality, responsiveness, and turnaround time on my orders. It far exceeded my expectations."

6 "Thanks for making my digital photography experience complete. This is the second time I have used your service, and I really appreciate how user-friendly it is. I was able to afford a good quality dye-sub printer for my 4x6s, but the prices for larger format dye subs put them out of reach for home users. That's where ez prints steps in. The resolution of your enlargements easily rivals that of film. Everyone I have shown your 8x10's has been stunned by their quality. Good bye film. Goodbye paying for lousy prints. Hello ez prints! Keep up the good work, and thanks again."

7 "Hello ez prints personnel. I am writing you to let you know that I am quite impressed with what I received in my first delivery. I think that the quality of the printed pictures is extremely accurate to the original images that I sent to you. That is why you will keep me as a customer and everyone else that I talk to, since digital cameras are becoming quite popular. I have used for several deliveries already and now that I have found ez prints I will be staying with you. The website and options are quite excellent, but the prints are not accurate to the original images as they add quite a bit of contrast. Thank you very much!"

8 "After struggling with the Xxxxx site for hours, I found yours!!! Your interface is logical and most of all easy, it took me 15 minutes to order!! Fantastic. It is so easy and the prices where reasonable. If your print quality and delivery time is good, then you are digital picture nirvana!!! I will send you as many referrals as possible!! I look forward to getting my first order!!!"

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