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Ordering Prints and Products from your Photo Album

After sending images to your photo album, you, or those you share your album with, can order 35mm quality prints from wallet-size all the way up to our amazing 20" x 30" photographs!† All of these are printed on Kodak professional photographic paper.† We also offer a variety of gift items you can have your images printed on as well.

Selecting Images

1.† Select images from your Photo Album that you wish to order.
2.† After you have selected all the images that you desire prints or gifts of, click on the "Order Prints and Products" button. You will be taken to the Gallery †shopping cart, which will be filled with your selected images. Note: You can always return to your album to select more images, or even upload more images into your album, and then return to your shopping cart to continue processing your order. †††[top]

Selecting Images to Order Products
Selecting Images to Order Prints

Selecting Products

3.† Once in the shopping cart, each image will be displayed on the left of your screen with some options below it.†There are 2 pull down menus to help you navigate through the product line.† The first is the "Category" menu, from which you can select Prints, Poster Prints, Panoramas, Greeting Cards, Calendars or Gift Items.† After selecting which type products you would like, the lower menu will appropriately change to show those items.† You will again select which items you would like from that menu.†† In the example here, a 2 Pack of 4x6 Glossy Prints is being selected from the pull-down menu to be ordered from this image.† Click "Add Item" when you have chosen what you want.
4.† This image also has Auto-Enhance selected, which will pass the image through a simple "sharpen" filter.
5.† You can also change the quantity of products you would like to order from each print.† For example, a quantity of "3" here would return 3†4-packs of 4x6 Glossy Images to your cart. †† [top]

Selecting Products from your Images in Shopping Basket
Selecting Prints or Products to Order With Your Images

Actions and Defaults

6.† In the upper right hand corner you will see the Fit,† Crop,† Enhance,† Show / Hide Images † and Toobar buttons.† Selecting these options will apply the action to the contents of your entire shopping cart.† The Fit command will force-fit your original image to fit within the size of the print or product you have selected.† Extra space on the print around the edges will be filled with white space.† The Crop command will fill the entire print or product dimensions.† The Enhance All button will turn ON auto-enhance in your cart and the Show Images button will either display your image thumbnails, or HIDE them for faster album loading. Finally for our power users, we've added the Shrink Toolbar option will toggle between the full text toolbar (shown here) and the icons-only version.

The three "Defaults" buttons you see to the right are showing you which actions are currently 'set' for your shopping cart. The first displays that images added to your cart are either set to Fit or Crop. The second tells you whether Enhance is ON or OFF and the third tells you that Apply to All is ON or OFF. Click any of these buttons to toggle between the settings.

7.†If you have received a coupon it can be redeemed by simply cutting the coupon code from your email message, and pasting it into the Coupon box and click "enter" to validate and apply the coupon to the order. †† [top]

The Defaults & Actions
Selecting Any of The 'Actions' Will Apply Them to All of the Images in Your Shopping Cart
while the 'Defaults' show you what is set for your cart for any images you will add.

Using Coupons
When You Receive Coupons in Your Email, Copy and Paste the Code Right Into Our Coupon Form.

Cart Help & Navigation

8.† During the ordering process, you can navigate in and out of your photo album, edit info, address book, resolution guide or help pages with our handy navigation menu.† You can clear your entire order if you want to go back and make some changes.† When you are satisfied with your shopping cart's contents, click the "Checkout Counter" icon to proceed with the ordering process.†† [top]

The Shopping Cart Navigation Menu
The Shopping Cart Navigation Menu

Ship To

9.† By selecting the link in the "Ship To" column you can specify where you would like all or part of your order to be mailed.† Let's say you have a nice family picture you want sent to relatives in 3 locations, you could follow these steps:†

I- Navigate to your address book from the shopping cartnavigation bar or main menu
II- Add addresses of friends and family that you would like to mail orders to
III- Return to your shopping cart and click on the "Self" link next to the image you would like shipped to another person; you will be taken to your address book
IV- Select "USE" next to the name of the person to whom you would like prints mailed; you will be returned to your shopping cart with the update made.† You will now see the name of the person you selected under the "Ship To" column instead of "Self"
V- If you want your entire order to go to a single person other than yourself, go to your address book first, before selecting any products in your shopping cart, and click on "Set As Default" next to the name of the person you want to send pictures to.† Then, go to your shopping cart and proceed with your order.† All of the items you choose will be sent to that new person.† You can change the "Default" address back to yourself later.†† [top]

You Can Have Your Order Shipped to Multiple Recipients
Clicking on the link in the "Ship To" column will allow you to select where your order will be shipped.

Checking Out

10. After proceeding to the checkout counter you can review your order to make sure it is being shipping to the correct address, and that the shipping options you desire have been applied to your order. (If this is a split order, you will see that at this point)† The total price will be calculated for you at the bottom of this digital invoice.† Appropriate taxes will be applied depending on where you live.
11.† After you are satisfied that your order is complete and correct, you can "Continue With your Order" here and process your credit card information on our secured server.
12.† Once on the secured server, you will enter your credit card information and billing address and then click on "Submit".† You will be redirected to a final online invoice that will show your entire order and will give you an order number.†† We suggest printing a copy of that invoice page as a reference to your order so you easily refer to it when it arrives or in case you need to make changes after it has been processed.†† [top]

Reviewing Your Order Before Final Checkout
Reviewing Your Order Before Final Checkout


Address Book: In your address book you can specify as many shipping addresses as you would like.† A single order can be shipped to multiple recipients from your shopping cart, but they must be added in your address book first.†††[top]

Apply To All: When 'apply to all' is set to ON or checked on an order form, the selection you are making (i.e. if you are ordering a 4x6 print) will be applied to all the images in your cart. Using the 'apply to all' option is an easy way to order products and prints for your entire shopping cart. †††† [top]

Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio is simply the longer side of your image (in pixels) divided by the shorter side of your image.† For example, a 1024 x 768 image would have an aspect ratio of 1.33. ( 1024 √∑ 768 = 1.33 )† Aspect ratio is important when determining the outcome of the prints you choose when using your digital images.† Since all of Gallery photographs are printed at 300 dots per inch (dpi),† you can determine the resolution of the print by multiplying the width and height each by 300. For example, an 11 x 14 print would equate to 3300 x† 4200† pixels.† Our handy and accurate resolution guide has taken much of the guess work† out of determining which images will produce good results with our various prints.† Refer to it often, and watch out for the red light!.††† [top]

Auto-Enhance: Auto-Enhance will sharpen and color balance your image and will add some image saturation. †††† [top]

Checkout Counter:† The Checkout Counter will total the cost your order and display the break down of which prints and products you've ordered and where they are being shipping if it is a multiple recipient order.† You can also select shipping options here for your full order, or for each recipient.††† [top]

Customer Information: This is where you can update your mailing address, phone number, email address, password or add or remove your Share Code for your private photo album.††† [top]

Crop:†The† crop option automatically sizes your image to fill the entire print. This option shows the most detail in the center of your photo, but may chop off the outer edges.† When using the crop option, remember that part of the original image will be cut off at the edges as your image subject is enlarged to fill the entire print space.† When the Crop All button is pressed on the Actions menu, all the images in your cart will be set to Crop. † [top]

Coupon: Periodically, Gallery will send out email "coupons" that will enable you to score big deals on great products.† In your customer information, there is a box which says "Send Email?" and then asks if you prefer "Plain Text or HTML" format.† (If you aren't sure, select "Plain Text") Having these boxes checked will ensure that you receive these periodic email coupons.† Of course, you are in control of your email and can turn off these features too. †† [top]

Customer Information: This is where you can update your mailing address, phone number, email address, password or add or remove your Share Code for your private photo album.†††† [top]

Fit:†The Fit option will force "Fit" your original image to the size of the print or product you are ordering.† For example, if your original image was a 960 x 1280 Portrait format image (tall) †and you were ordering a 5x7 print, the print you received back after processing would have a white border along the top and bottom of the picture, because the 960 pixel width would fill to the edges of the 5x7 print faster than the 1280 pixel height, thus leaving the extra white space.† To put it another way, in this example, the original image is a 1: 1.33 aspect ratio (1280√∑960=1.33) and the 5x7 print (at 300 dpi resolution) is 1500 x 2100, which is a 1:1.4 aspect ratio.† Since the original image is shorter than the print size, we are left with the white spaces.† When the Fit All button is pressed on the Actions menu, all the images in your cart will be set to Fit. † [top]

Main Menu: The Main Menu is the blue menu you see at the top of every page on the Gallery web site.†Under each category (and sometime the category name itself) you can click through to quickly get around the site, between your album, address book,† customer information†or product information pages.† Occasionally, features will appear only when they are relevant, such as "Logout" after you've logged into your account.† [top]

Navigation Bar: The navigation bar is the menu with the icons found at the top and the bottom of your shopping cart page.† We've added two in case your order is long so you can quickly get around from your shopping cart.† This menu will help you navigate to your address book, photo album, customer information, our resolution guide, these help pages, or even allow you to empty the contents of your shopping cart and start over.† It is here too that you find the "Checkout Counter" icon that allows you to proceed with your order.†††† [top]

Remove Photos: Photos you decide not to order prints or products from may be removed individually from your shopping cart by clicking on "Remove This Image" link beneath each Image.†† [top]

Resolution Guide:†The resolution guide will help you determine which prints or products will look the best when ordered from your digital images.† We have incorporated a simple "stoplight" icon which will alert you to possible problems with the outcome of your pictures if your original images' resolution is too low.††† [top]

Secured Server: The Gallery credit card processing takes place in our secured server, which will encrypt your data with 128 bit encryption, the highest form of consumer encryption available on the internet.† You won't have to worry about your credit card or other personal information ending up anywhere other than between you and our billing department, making this transaction even more secure than most shopping mall or restaurant purchases.†† We use†the renowned services of Verisign in all of our secured transactions.† NOTE: If your browser does not support 128 bit encryption, you may not be able to use our shopping cart without upgrading.† Check here to see if you have the latest version of either Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.† [top]

Ship To:†The Ship To column in your shopping cart allows you to select whom you would like to ship each particular print or product to.† You can have your entire order shipped to someone other than yourself, or you can split your order and have it shipped to several people in different places at once.† It's all up to you.† See the "Ship To" help above for instructions on how this works.† † [top]

Shipping Options:† At Gallery, we offer everything from next day air to standard USPS ground shipping.† Your order's shipping total will be calculated based on the number of products you order (some are odd shapes and or odd sizes) as well as your location away from our print house.†† [top]

Shopping Cart:The Gallery shopping cart system is filled with features to help you select multiple products from your images while still allowing you to modify each image individually or even split up your order to be shipped to multiple addresses.††† [top]

Show Images: By alternating between the 'Show Images' and 'Hide Images' buttons, you can choose whether or not to display your image thumbnails in your shopping cart and photo album. The purpose of this feature is to allow you to cut down on loading time if you prefer, which can be a useful tool if you tend to have a great deal of images in your album or cart. When the 'Hide Images' feature is enabled, a small icon will replace your images and will load that specific image if you click on it. Otherwise, simply click the 'Show Images' button or link and your thumbnails will once again be loaded for viewing. ††† [top]

ToolBar Size: There is a button to toggle between the toolbar icons with text-labels in your shopping cart and a slimmed down version, if you prefer, which displays only icons.†††† [top]

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